My wife Esther and I, with some friends began the Stardream ministry journey.

Stardream begins.

In 2011, the ministry began as we with a dozen or so “in touch with the spirit friends” visited “new age fairs” offering spiritual readings, dream interpretations, physical healing and whatever else the holy spirit wanted to do.  The new age fairs were an introduction to the symmetry between the spirit world and emotional healing.  In our case as committed Christians the only spirit we connected with was the holy spirit.  That’s what set us apart from the rest of the stalls exhibiting at the events we attended.

Set apart to set ablaze!

The different spirit we operated in saw some incredible physical and emotional healing.  Many were set free from physical and emotional healing.  Including a lady escaping her wheelchair (this would be a prelude to an even greater wheelchair healing in 2016).

Stardream internet church.

By 2013 Stardream was bring hope, love, peace and healing to the high street in Costa Coffee.  By 2014 we were ministering in a University and a college.  But it was in 2017 that God began to reveal His plans for Stardream to build an on-line healing church.  In 2018 we began the on-line church build.