Dysfunctional Family

The world seems to be becoming one big dysfunctional family.  The real trouble though begins when quite naturally the dysfunctional children become leaders of society or the church. Then society and worse still church itself becomes a dysfunctional family and therefor fails its community.

Dysfunctional Church Family.

I’ve been a Christian since early 2005 and whilst I have not been what I consider a church hopper. I have through moving home several times and as a visiting speaker to churches at home & abroad, experienced many different churches.

I’m not perfect, I have never met anyone other than Jesus who is.  Not surprisingly then I’ve never discovered the perfect church.  In fact, I would say to date almost every church I have been involved with has looked a lot like the dysfunctional family I grew up in.

Here lies one of the biggest problems in society today.  You see government should compliment the church not replace it.  Families should grow within God, guided by wise men and women completely centred in Him.

Jesus is the answer!

Jesus operated in every sphere, caring for both the spiritual and physical needs of the masses. He fed the hungry and healed the sick.  In other words, where He was, He governed; health and sustenance in this example.  Trouble is today He is generally not invited into these areas.  So, the health service, whilst we are all grateful for it, is largely dysfunctional.  Economies largely driven by a need for food are dysfunctional.

Can you see where I’m going?  Wherever Jesus is not celebrated in His rightful place He seems to be absent.  Actually, He isn’t absent at all, He is simply ignored.  He is largely ignored in church.  He is almost completely ignored in most governments.  When providing services such as health, education, functional economies, family services etc., He is completely ignored.

Distressing example.

I can give you an example of this.  My eldest daughter as lovely as she is and whom I love dearly (sadly from a distance) was born into and grew up in the dysfunctional family of which I was the father.  By the time I met Jesus it was not too late for her but circumstances and the dysfunctional church we were both reborn into left her walk with God and our relationship in tatters.  These days she has absolutely no connection with God and very little with me.  Yet as a social worker she is allowed to influence the destination of the children born into; you guessed it dysfunctional families.

My point?

My point is life without Jesus is a dysfunctional mess and sadly He has been thrown out of most of the places He is needed. Until we start to give Him permission to come in and flood our minds again, things are unlikely to get better.


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