Emotional Healing

Esther and I have been on a (to date) fourteen-year emotional healing journey.  In short, it’s what this site is about.

We have seen our lives rejuvenated.  Our marriage which, once we surfaced from our very physical elongated honeymoon was destined for failure, has been saved and turned into a total blessing, via this emotional healing journey.  Our parenting skills or lack of them have been completely dismantled and re-built. My perception of what it means to be a businessman or entrepreneur has had the same treatment as my parenting skills.  And on it goes.  Literally, every area of our lives has been renewed and improved through one simple decision.  It’s this, to go after emotional healing via The Holy Spirit of God, whatever the cost.


This is not a journey for those that give up easy, but it is a journey for those that can give themselves up easily.  If you are prepared to put down everything you value.  Everything that hurts.  Everything you have ever idolised.  Everyone you are connected to that you love, hate or are completely indifferent about.  If you are prepared to leave all these things at the feet of Jesus and wait.  Wait until He has taken you on an emotional healing journey to the original you.  Then read on……

Let Esther and I encourage your journey?  We will connect with you, provide others too, that have traversed the emotional healing journey. Through the website you will find written and filmed resource to guide you along the way.  The new you, the you, you were designed by God to be, awaits.  All you have to do is commit your commitment to your Heavenly Father to this journey and start scrolling through this site.

We are here to help no strings, we just want to make space for more healed people!