Hi, I’m Glynn Hughes, I’m married to Esther we are both committed Christians. Together we get to be the Stardream leaders.

Marked from childhood!

Esther and I both had “interesting childhoods”, we both had abusive parents (one each as it happened).  Nothing too serious at first.  Although mine had some dramatic (use your imagination and the search facility) incidents that are covered elsewhere on the site.

The point is we lived in dysfunctional homes.  By that, I mean there was virtually no outward expression of love towards the children by three of our four parents.  Abusive parents bring up images of sexual interference of beatings. But it doesn’t always look like that.  A parent who can’t or won’t show a child love is an abusive parent; period!  Esther’s Mother was (and is) functional but cold and distant.  She did and does love Esther but has never been able to show it in an overt fashion.  Her father suffers from bi-polar and eventually was found in adultery before a divorce ensued.

Cold parents create confused children.

My mother was much warmer than Esther’s mother but still struggled with the overt love emotion.  And then there was my abusive father!  My father was violent.  He was an angry ex semi pro wrestler and amateur boxer.  He didn’t seem interested in me or my siblings.  As his marriage descended into a horrible farce, seeing my mother nearly killed and my own violent suffering.  Things looked bleak!

God though, has and is using us almost as if to validate his scripture.

Romans 8:28  And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

Journey to wholeness.

Through the holy spirit Esther and I have gone on an incredible healing journey (we are still on it) towards wholeness.  We have studied our actions before and after forgiveness and learned how to harness or unleash the underestimated powerful force of forgiveness.

We now understand and utilize the power of vulnerability (you can’t get there until you properly understand outright forgiveness) to defeat what was a major emotional problem in our lives; SHAME.

We want to help you.

We are here to help you along that journey through our written resource and relationship with Esther and I or our trusted shame counsellors.  But the first tentative steps are easy just choose a phrase or word you want to explore and type it in the website search box.