Glynn’s story

I’m Glynn, I’m the author of this website, so I get to go first.

Esther & I have been given one of the most valuable gifts you can receive, that of deep (beyond human understanding) emotional (spiritual) healing and we want to pass on what we have been given, it’s that simple!
Glynn’s Prelude

Dysfunctional family.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home, I didn’t know it was dysfunctional until it exploded into a dysfunctional hostile environment. That’s the key, emotional dysfunctionality feels normal if that’s all you know. For most of us, it needs to go beyond that subtle lack of love and connection before we realise there is a problem. In my case, the difunctionally hostile environment was violence at an almost fatal level. So, I did what we all do, I focused on the serious physical danger in order to survive and ensure my mothers’ survival. Over three decades later, having unsurprisingly led a dysfunctional lifestyle, I went on an emotional healing journey that also focused on the physical side of things and that achieved a fantastic healing transition, much more than I ever dreamed of, but there was more to come, again, much more.

The seed of the dysfunctionality

The seed of the dysfunctionality was in the two parents who had never been taught how to, or seen love given and or received. Their marriage was destined to failure as a result, and any chance of an easy journey into a grounded and mature loving adult life for me was also scuppered. Three decades later as I dealt with the hurts of the beatings and the ambulances, I received healing for that but it was only when I put my intellect down and went on a journey with The Holy Spirit into the seed of my potential destruction, the dysfunctionality of a child born into an environment that in some parts loved but didn’t know how to demonstrate that love, that I began to find my true identity, The Glynn I was always meant to be. I invite you to invest in your whole self via this website.

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