Church doesn’t have to be in a building, it can be an internet church.

Church is not about the building, so why not internet church?  The stuffy run-down old churches or rented school gymnasiums don’t always seem that inviting.  Especially for your first toe dip into God.  I remember it well…  That first desire to connect with God was so inexplicably scary.

Internet Church.

Here is why I think we need more internet church!  I’m not a shy guy, or someone unacquainted with risk.  In fact, one of my expressions about life has been, if in doubt flat out! In 1985 I was billed by my agent (the biggest DJ agency in Europe) as the number one DJ in Europe.  You would think someone whom month to month moved around from one town and nightclub to another.  Each nightclub full of people looking to see if this guy lived up to his reputation would be unmoved by slipping unknown into a church full of “harmless religious people”.  Wrong, I don’t ever remember being more scared than when shepherded by my old friend who new God, I slipped dishevelled but unobtrusively into the back of a local Baptist church.

It’s the feeling not the building that matters!

Sadly, my first experience of church was not a great one.  Whatever really happened I don’t know.  But I never crossed the threshold of that building again.  When you begin your spiritual (emotional) journey with God, its not what you know that matters anymore, its how you feel that counts.  You see connecting with God through His Holy Spirit will fire up your spirit like a car engine being started for the first time. You might need a little gentle use as your spirit is activated.

Be guided by the Spirit!

Fortunately, The Holy spirit is a lot more rewarding than any car engine ever could be.  He is also a lot simpler in many ways, but to get the best out of Him, you will need guidance.  Now go on read the manual.  I know that this is a challenge for all you males!  The Holy Spirits manual is the Bible.  You will probably need somebody to interoperate it for you.  That’s where most people looking for spiritual fulfilment fall.

Or rather the church falls.  A lot of churches are uninviting at best.  Many people’s journey with God is scuppered by feelings of judgement and silent condemnation at the church door.  Here in lies the need for an internet church.  This type of on-line Christianity is growing.  Stardream might well be the on-line expression of God that fits you best.  Feel free though to investigate other options on and off line.  We will still be here if you need us.

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  1. Dave says:

    I can relate to the dysfunctional family and making many mistakes, forgiving those that helped me in that path also involved forgiving myself for my part which was hard. Taking responsibility for my part helped me to look to Jesus and get the help that was given and to let him point me in the right way as i know on my own I had made the wrong choices lead by others some work meaning by they couldn’t have done that without my major input. I love the new options being given to us to reach out to GOD and this is another branch of Church that let’s me be honest and real which in truth many other areas have been abandoning often with good intentions but severe results. Also just mind blowing naivety.

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