The seeds of new life grow best on a bed of prophecy!

This world has lost its positive mindset and appears ruled by fear.  We tend to think of fear as that reaction we have when some kind of scary event invades our lives.  But that’s reactionary fear.  Likely, unless you live in say, Syria or some other war zone only a small portion of your life will be confronted by scary events.  Therefor your predominant experience of fear will be not reactionary but one of expectation.  Now expecting fear can take over your life.  Not just at times of scary events but every waking moment of every day.

Lean harder into your moments of joy!

Let’s go on a journey together towards a new life where Joy reigns supreme not fear.You see, I believe we are all born to be great, but our original identity is immediately attacked by fear.  Now, fear comes in many guises, but of often its first manifestation is that of foreboding joy!  Check out this video of Brene Brown on “Oprah” talking about foreboding joy

Ready to grow!

So, there you are in your little Moses basket all ready for your new life.  You were designed by God but conceived by broken humans and your beauty scares your parents.  Then the power of the love they feel for this wonderful new life scares them some more. You see all of the things that they have ever loved and lost come to mind.  A mixture of fear-based emotions begins to form their parenting and subsequently change the fuel of your destiny from love-based faith and gratitude.  Fear based reaction becomes your compass as your heart begins to beat in rhythm with your earthly mother and father.  Please understand this is no condemnation of your Mum or Dad, its perfectly natural.  I do it still. unless I turn my mind to the supernatural.  Created life is a supernatural event from beginning to end.

Living Supernaturally

In order to live a supernatural existence, we have to connect with the creator who made our new life.  We must do this in the prophetic realm.  Put simply that means to listen out for God.  If you do that you will here great direction for your life or that of others.  If you don’t listen for God, you won’t hear Him, and you will almost certainly head off in the wrong direction.

The seeds of new life grow into beings flowers in a bed of loving prophecy.  But in a bed of bitterness and fear, those same seeds would wither and die.

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