The Peace of God!

You can’t get the peace of God, from a Priest, a Vicar, your friend that’s been a Christian for decades or a church building.  You can only receive the peace of God from a personal deep heart (not mind) to heart relationship.  The deeper your connection to Gods Heart, the deeper the peace of God will drive into your life and therefor others around you.

This is a lot simpler than you think all you need to do is surrender.  Surrender to God, not man, its probably a lot nicer than you think!

Surrender to man.

The modern interpretation of surrender is a negative one, often through lack of understanding of what surrender looks like through man instead of God.  When you surrender to a man, woman or a governing body, it doesn’t usually go well for the surrendering person or force.  Man will take the weakness of man, control it, legislate it, and use it for his advantage.  This will usually go poorly for both sides.  Take a look at Germany during the last century for an example.  The unforgiveness of the allied victors for the terrible atrocities of the first world war led to them imposing impossible terms to the peace treaty with Germany.  This of course led a country to a desperate state where the insanity of Hitler and his regime could reign.  We all know the tragedy of this example of man’s surrender terms.

Surrender to the Peace of God.

Surrendering to God will have a completely opposite look and result to the above.  When you surrender to God. He takes your weaknesses and turns them into strengths for your own and others benefits.

Take my life for example? Once I surrendered to Him, He picked me up dusted me off and used every life challenge I had experienced for my good. I had viewed the rejection of my earthly father as evidence of my worthlessness. My heavenly father used it to show me quite how amazing I was to have gotten through life whilst carrying a terrible burden of unforgiveness.

Peace that surpasses understanding.

God doesn’t take your surrender as an opportunity to control you and take from you unfairly as the allies with the German nation.  He celebrates your decision to ditch the messy past. He looks for ways to support you in the future to use the anxiety of the past to bring peace, yes you guessed it the peace that surpasses all understanding.  The peace of God!


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