relating to a person’s emotions.

“gaining emotional support from relatives”

synonyms: spiritual, inner, psychic, psychological, of the heart

“their emotional needs are often ignored”



This is the first result I got when I typed definition of emotion into google.  God had been talking to me about connections between emotion & spirit.  Gently He was driving me towards the conclusion that it was just semantics and they are one and the same, but because my emotions (spirit) are sill broken (so much less broken than they once were but still on their journey to their Christ given identity) I needed google to confirm God, sigh.

We are born with our God given perfect identity but because of the fall we are born into an imperfect world with imperfect parents, struggling in that destroyed Heaven, sadly therefor its not long before we receive the first attack on our identity, the unanswered cry in the night, the stressed shouting father appearing like a giant at the end of our bed, who in his original design would have softly hugged and whispered your nightmare away.  Boom that perfect heart of the innocent child receives its first wound, the first crack appears in God’s design.  That child’s heart where its emotion (spirit) is manufactured is disturbed or distorted if you like giving the devil his very first landing pad from which to attack this new born human spirit and unless that child receives attention from somebody who understands the situation from the perspective I’m trying to unravel here, then the child’s spiritual emotions become like a fractured ankle never attended to or set in plaster in other words in the case of the ankle it becomes disabled unable to operate in any normal fashion, not capable of running or walk in constant excruciating pain reliant on mind numbing analgesia and at best a pair of crutches or a wheelchair.

With the broken ankle analogy in mind let’s look at semantics again and see how some words and phrases from the spiritual wound and the physical wound interact.  The person with the unattended ankle becomes disabled and reliant on a crutch to survive but unable to fully function (due mostly to the constant pain) in any significant normal life patterns, they are unable to hold down a job or relationship and can’t even get out of bed without the crutch or analgesia, many would stay like this until an untimely death, but others might workout that if they got there ankle into a certain position and left it there inactive long enough the bones might find some imperfect way to knit in some form.  However, you look at it here are the words and phrases we might use to describe them or their physical circumstance.

Physically disabled.

Physically in extreme pain

Physically dependent on a crutch to get through life.

Physically disturbed.

Physically inactive.

Physically irrelevant.

Physically unavailable.   I could go on……..


Now take the word Physically out and replace it with Emotionally and you have the description of the poorly parented baby, in fact to some degree or another you have a description of most of the emotional state of this broken worlds population.

Of course, had the person with the broken ankle sort and found a skilled physician within a few short months they would have been

Physically fit.

Physically pain free.

Physically independent.

Physically aligned.

Physically active.

Physically relevant.


Now what about the baby with the scarred heart we talked about earlier, what if it had parents walking in their true God given identity able to minister spiritually (emotionally), just as skilled in emotion as the surgeon was with bones.  What if the baby grew up encouraged by its parents to walk not a religious life but one centered in the Holy Spirit, guide by both The Holy Spirit and its parents as to which peers to run with and which ones to avoid.  Guided to the career they were anointed for, steered to a place where they could find the life partner that God had chosen for them, in other words walking in their God given identity.  What could we then do with the disability list, well I believe it would look like this..

Emotionally fit.

Emotionally pain free.

Emotionally independent.

Emotionally aligned.

Emotionally active.

Emotionally relevant.


I believe we live in a world so emotionally (spiritually) broken that it only considers the physical and to a lesser extent the mental (brain) almost completely ignoring its greatest gift, the heart and most of the worlds issues can be traced back to this flawed and demonically inspired strategy.


Who is to blame for that, well the devil of course but how did he gain this victory, well surprise, surprise he used religion.  The church is the human driven culprit as the clear majority became man controlled and religious, in fear it shut out The Holy Spirit and took control itself, consequently it slowly but surely became broken and irrelevant, unable to function in its true God give identity and purpose, that of the body responsible for EMOTIONAL (SPIRITUAL) FREEDOM in CHRIST!



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