A Higher Power

Esther and I believe in a higher power that is responsible for the intelligent design of ourselves and our visible and spiritual world.  We believe that God the creator is the intelligent designer whom we call the one God. Our God is three in one, God the father, God the son who is Jesus and God the Holy Spirit.

Forgive me for misquoting Dr Spock “this is church Jim but not as you know it”! Whatever your beliefs, race, culture, background, sexuality or “previous life”, everyone is welcome to connect and interact with the Stardream team through this website.  Most importantly if you do connect with Stardream, you like those who have skeptically gone before you will start to think differently.  Significantly you learn how to feel differently.

The System, sometimes steels!

Don’t get us wrong we believe education is great and absolutely essential, but it’s not beyond criticism. The great negative for Esther and I, is the western world education system teaches us how to think (in a lot of cases this goes too far and becomes a form of control) but doesn’t touch on how to feel.

Now feelings are more individual than thoughts, thoughts can be easily trained.  Not so feelings that originate in the heart. It’s a fact that your heart has neurons, we believe heart neurons create feelings not thoughts.

Where do feelings originate?

Since cardiac surgeon Christian Barnard’s first successful human heart transplant in South Africa in 1967, heart transplant recipients have had intriguing experiences, so strange and out of character that they seek to meet the families of their donors to find out what is going on.

Originality is just easier!

It’s our believe that we can all get back to our original emotional design.  We believe that this design was created by a good God.  But it has become distorted by pressures of the world. Our experience is that people have reformed their persona to protect themselves from the hurts they have suffered and stop them happening again.  Humans have dumbed themselves down as a result of rejection and criticism. Lies about who we really are spoken “over” us by others have hurt and distorted us.

This is not just a read, it’s an invitation!

Our experience is that those who want to reconnect with their original self, can do so!  Simply we need to learn to forgive.  Forgive the people and or circumstances that have hurt us and forgive ourselves, you will be amazed by the power of forgiveness.  Seek the forgiveness of those we have hurt.  Surprisingly you will feel a great relief when you seek forgiveness from those that have hurt you.

Go on come on this emotional freedom journey with us? The results will be that you can be vulnerable again.  You will start to feel as well as think with equal veracity.  Most importantly you will be able to fully love yourself and others for the first time since Junior school.  You will feel Joyous!